My Week #27, Feb 24th – Mar 2nd

what I saw
I couldn’t concentrate on anything to see. Still am hooked by the Big Fish recording. But tonight I’m going to see Einstein on the Beach at Haus der Berliner Festspiele.

what I read    
a travel guide of Zurich came in the mail yesterday, read that. And otherwise: Stuff.

what I listened to
pretty much: Big Fish! And the other CD that came in the mail with my hard copy of it: Patrick Stanke’s second solo album. Nice listen.

what I bought
a new bike lock. and a new phone (which can’t use before next Friday. because I need a new SIM and I’m getting that only with my new contract…). And 54below FINALLY put a concert online for April 1st, the day we REALLY want to go since this is the day of my mom’s anniversary at her work, which is the cause of our celebration travel to NYC in the first place, and I wanted to reserve our tickets and make a dinner reservation and it wouldn’t work all day yesterday everytime a tried and when I tried again today it was completely sold out. We’re devastated (I know, guys, first world problems….).

what I did  
I ran, I worked out – since I’m not sick anymore. I met people for coffee and especially with my ‘old’ friend K. whom I haven’t seen in AGES was so nice!
Oh, and I handed it my application to the dramaturgy programme in Berlin. I guess everyone of you is now wishing me luck, right?


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