The Stories

Ever since I chose to become a theatre person and I started spending time with theatre people I suddenly had something to tell. I started getting to know people I can actually like.

They make great stories – and I am a boring person. Just recently I told a friend: You know, I’m so boring – I only do exciting stuff like once every few weeks and keep telling people what happenend then so that they HAVE to think I’m an interesting person. (of course I am, but not in a “Heyyyyyy, folks, look, I did something exciting this past weekend! And it was AMAZING!” kind of way)

Anyways…I’m pretty good in making things up, but I’m not as good as the stuff is around my theatre environment.

I mean – for example yesterday something happened and it wasn’t even a good thing, but it was amazingly theatrical. My boss at the criminal dinner entertainment suddenly fired a blank from one of the revolvers we need as props in our office like 1.5 meters from me without giving me a heads-up. I have had some problems with my hearing/my ears in the past and that thing yesterday wasn’t even funny for me – I am still struggeling with the consequences kindly provided by that event.
But I really imagined me seeing a doctor about it and saying: You know, my boss fired a blank right next to me.

And that’s all it needed. And actually there are tons of stories like this, some of which include me getting injuried (e.g. this time the tenor made me hurt my knee) and some of those don’t – but all of them include my really bad skills when it comes to story telling.

What I was going to say: Theatre provides you with so many stories. The stories you might (or might not) see on stage and all the stories around that.


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