My Week #26, Feb 17th – Feb 23rd

what I saw
some old German TV shows since I didn’t feel that well most of the week and I stayed home a lot.

what I read    
magazines and blogs and I did some proof reading.

what I listened to
pretty much: Big Fish! And Beethoven’s 9th symphony was playing when I was driving to our place of performance on Friday since it’s some kind of rite to have Beethoven playing when I take one specific actor with me.

what I bought
Yes, I’m guilty. I bought tickets to see Bullets over Broadway. And Jasper in Deadland. Yes. Yes. The discount for Bullets was too tempting. 😉

what I did  
I was sick for the most part of the week so I stayed home a lot and over all didn’t really do aynthing exciting. I had to manage two performances on Friday and Saturday and inbetween them there was a workshop held by the research project I am working for, so I had some workshop duty to serve. And I’m still not sure whether I’m gonna go and see some performances of 100° festival tonight or not. I’m really not sure.


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