What’s Next?

This is the name of a fun song from the Big Fish score (and for me it’s a VERY important song describing the change of Will’s and Edward’s relationship) – but it’s also the name today’s blogpost! Who would’ve thought so, right? Okay, after this crappy introduction I can now tell what this is about. I thought I’d take a minute writing down the things I am up to over the next couple of weeks/months theatre-wise and we can all be happy for me or just shake our heads about how nerdy/weird Lisanne is.
Sounds like fun?
Let’s go!I’ll be able to see two productions that are invited to Theatertreffen 2014 a festival held in Berlin honouring 10 of the most recognizable theatre productions of the past season BEFORE the actual festival – which in fact is great because I you probably might know: festival tickets are expensive and then don’t really offer student discounts and so I’m happy I’ll get to see at least two of them. That will be Tauberbach by Alain Platel (dance/thank you very much, my dear friend F., to think of getting us tickets!) and Ohne Titel Nr. 1 which is some kind of musical theatre project thingy (I have no idea, but that’s what I like…no genres and stuff). In addition to that I’ll be seeing the students’ preview of Einstein on the Beach and a performance of Jeremy Wade’s Together Forever (with tickets saying ‘including dinner’ which kind of creeps me and my friend out. like a lot.). No off the pure musical theatre in a musical kind of way. I’ll be seeing a production of Gypsy (in an actual night burlesque club), the next original musical of the UdK graduates Schwestern im Geiste (just as the production of Stimmen im Kopf I saw last year…) and hopefully a Berlin-ish off-production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch if I’ll make it. Originally I planned to see it tonight but I’m not feeling that well and I’ve got a packed weekend ahead.
And after that I’m off to NYC where I’ve planned to most intense theatre-watching-time I’ve EVER had (and I’ve done a lot of crazy stuff….). Over the past months I already bought tickets for well selling shows (and ones I’m very excited about) so know we have tickets for The Bridges of Madison County which I honestly can’t wait to see….because Jason Robert Brown is my all time favourite composer and how exciting is it to see one of his works on Broadway? Back when I bought the tickets to If/Then I was so happy that we were going to see the first regular performance after opening night, but now they re-scheduled opening night and so we are seeing the second to last preview. Hmpf. But I’m happy I got us the tickets we have now. For the evening show that same day we’ll be seeing the revival of Les Miserables on Broadway and that’s actually exciting because (and I know that’s kind of embarrassing) I’ve NEVER seen it before. I didn’t even catch the movie – of course I know the plot and most of the songs by heart, but I’ve never seen it. On the next day I’ll go uptown and see Ryan Scott Oliver and Hunter Foster’s Jasper in Deadland which I’m also uber excited to see since I love RSO’s music, while my girls will see Matilda (it was my present to my sister for her birthday in december that I’ll pay for the tickets). After that we’ll (probably) head over to the American Airlines Theatre to catch one of the first previews of the Broadway production of Violet starring Sutton Foster. Other than that we are planning to see Beautiful (which my mom first described as “the one with these songs I know from my youth. playing at this downstairs theatre!”), Bullets over Broadway and re-watch Once cause that’s kind of the living version of my idea of musical theatre (and we just so want my sister to see it, too). And we’ll hopefully get to spend another night at 54below and we are saving the last night so that everyone of us can go and see the show again she liked the most. On top of that I’m tempted to try my luck at either the Rocky or Kinky Boots lottery….

Well…and when we’re back and the jetlag has worn off (last time it took me forever!) I’ll be going to Switzerland and see three shows in St. Gallen and maybe a production at the opera of Zurich…just as I blogged last week.
And after that…I’m excited what’s next. There will be German productions of Shrek and The Addams Family later this year. And I REALLY should get my act together and return to going to the opera more.


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