Music Monday … No Good Can Come From Bad

A consequence of my listening habit of last week would be to share something from Big Fish, but I couldn’t find a clip of one of the songs I’d dying to share on Youtube or anywhere else.

Instead I’m gonna go back to a show I was obsessed with around that time last year: The Mystery of Edwin Drood. Although dramaturgically it’s not the best show you could ever imagine, I love the concept – I’m very much into audience participations – and the recording of the 2012 Broadway revival is just gorgeous.

“No Good Can Come From Bad” is a song happening towards the end of Act 1, right before Drood disappears and is assumed to be dead. I just like the way the different conflicts sound (in order to make every other person in that song a potential suspect of mudering Edwin Drood).
And, I mean we all know me: Stephanie J. Block. Still. And Jessie Mueller (who’s playing the Indian Helena Landless).

So, let’s have a listen.


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