My Week #25, Feb 10th – Feb 16th

Today is my birthday and it honestly qualifies as one of the best I ever had (last years went we went on a photographer’s tour through the closed down Tempelhof Airport buildings was pretty cool, too) – just a day of chillaxing and not doing much (except: eating).

what I saw
If you follow Theaterkind’s facebook page (which you should totally do, because it’s fun. and you get snippets of my theatre thoughts almost every day.) you already know that I went to see Warhorse (“Gefährten”) in Berlin this week. And that I LOVED the puppets, because….I mean….puppets, but some other stuff was not to get that excited about…I am not sure if I should write a seperate post about it since it’s not really musical theatre but it’s produced by a musical theatre producing company in German and I think part of why there are so few people going to see it is that they think it might be a musical, but it kind of isn’t but it also is not a “real” straight play. Anyways, what are your thoughts? Post or not to post – that’s the question.

what I read    
newpaper articles about the votum in Switzerland last Sunday. And…stuff.

what I listened to
the BIG FISH CAST RECORDING. I was so excited for it! (again, do you want me to write something about that?) It’s so beautiful and I’m a little sad that the music itself makes it hard for you to understand the way the story goes (I can imagine) and what makes me even sadder is the fact that I’ll (most definetely) never be able to see it again and ‘revisit’ some scenes.

what I bought
I’m too excited not to share! I found a discount code for Bridges of Madison County and even though I am pretty sure there will be tickets avaliable at the TKTS booths in March I went for it yesterday and bought us a trio of tickets for March 28th – it’s tooooo unbelievable to be true, but still I got the confirmation and everything. This makes Bridges the third show I bought tickets for on our vacation in March/April. (the other two are I guess the new mega-sellers If/Then and LesMiz)

what I did  
I loved it when my friend stayed with us here, it was so much fun and serious discussion and I think it might even has helped me to make a private/study-life decision and kind of wanted/needed to make before, so now it’s done. And we’ll see if I stick to it.
I didn’t share that last week but last Saturday was the day when I was able to run 10k without any leg-pain in more than half a year. Since then it worked three times and I’m kind of proud that I was able to include a more long distance kind of running in my workout plan.


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