My Week #24, Feb 2nd – Feb 9th

Although this blog was a little abandoned this past week I still have some week-stuff to share. 😉

what I saw
I went to the theatre three times,
1) Sophiensaele: Die Geschichte des Soldaten Elik – a thing that deals with the real story of a former special force soldier from Israel (who now is a dancer) and Stravinski’s composition of “Histoire du Soldat”. It mostly was good, a thing that made me happy about three quaters – the last part of the evening was little off and I was kind of feeling embarrassed for them.
2) Vaganten Bühne: Friedrich Hollaenders Tingel Tangel – an evening programme packed with songs of Friedrich Hollaender, a colleague of mine was in it, so I came to watch. A strange thing because I think the most important part of it was the songs, but somehow they decided to have some ridiculous kind of plot around them.
3) Theater am Kurfürstendamm: Motown – Eine Legende – well….I mean, I should have known what to expect. I mean…those theatres at Kurfürstendamm are so occupied by TOTALLY WEIRD productions it’s not even funny even more. Nonetheless we decided to give Motown a shot (actually….who’d just say no to Motown music?). Well….it was a bad decision. Let’s just stop here. Bad. Decision. The singers were great but everything else was just….

what I read    
HAHA. the latest issue of ‘musicals’ magazine.

what I listened to
Parade! Parade! Parade! And some snippets of the Big Fish Cast recording (which is just a gorgeous piece of recording-technology and voices!)

what I did  
a very dear friend I met during our time in Haifa two years ago came over from her home town and we did some stuff and other than that mostly uni, working stuff.


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