My Week #22, Jan 19th – 25th

Well, it’s not veeeery interesting this week because it was not very theatrical, but still…

what I saw
nothing. like, really – in fact I watched some Youtube (like the Russian Homophobia Video….) and some episodes of the second season of Gilmore Girls, because they never get old. Yesterday I watched “Clash by Night” with a friend and now I finally get this foreshadowing-reference-thingy going on in Smash season 2 ep 1.

what I read    
reading for class and even that didn’t REALLY happen. But somehow I have the feeling that I need to do some private reading again.

what I listened to
Parade is still pretty much all over my Playlists. Turns out that Drew Gasparini’s I Could Use a Drink is a really good listen while driving.

what I bought 
a hair dryer. and a new mattress. that sounds weird, but some things just have to be done.

what I did  
again, criminal dinner entertainment. A lot of working in the office because we have a conference to prepare. I worked out.

where I travelled
to my office. and while doing that also to Sibiria because our heating was kind off….and Berlin is FREEZING cold right now.

January is almost over!
What are your plans for the last week of the first month? 


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