Creative Protest

I think this might be the start to a new little series for Favourite Fridays….Reasons why I love (musical) theatre. Okay, I just recently shared my Top 5 Reasons, but my love for theatre is much more vital than any Top 5 List could ever do justice, so I thought a little snippet of love here and there could be just the right thing to do. (and, yes, it gives me time to cover favourite fridays until this crazy time before the first annual conference of the research project I work for happend….Curious about that? Head over to for more information!)

So, here is the first snippet of why I love theatre (people) so much. Look at this piece of musical art protest!

I’d be glad if you shared some of your love for theatre with me!

Plus: How many Broadway-people can you identify?

What’s your favourite part of the video?


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