My Week #21, Jan 12th – 18th

so, this is my second weekly recap of the year. Not that many interesting things, but still….

what I saw
a very weird thing at HAU I was made to see by the teachers of my MA programme. When I drove there with my car it got relocated because apparently I am too stupid to read signs, yes. Well. And this morning I watched A Chorus Line with my mother.

what I read    
I made it! I did my assigned reading! About dancing and politics. Or moving and politics. Or something in between. It was nice.

what I listened to
It’s still the time of the 90ies musicals. Yay. I’m still not over Parade (note the insider joke which in fact isn’t even one…). And the era of Ragtime isn’t over (and yet, another one….!).

what I bought 
food. that my blazers are cleaned.

what I did  
managed one criminal dinner entertainment performance, yesterday. A nice one. The freshmen of the MA dance studies programme had a talkback stlyle thingy with the choreographers we wrote about. I worked. A lot, actually, because our frist annual conference is coming up soon (here’s a link to that!) and there are things to do…..

where I travelled
Berlin in oder to stick our posters to walls of university buildings.

I always have the feeling that January is by far the longest month of the year!
What about you?


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