Music Monday … I Could Be in Love With Someone Like You

Boy, this is a late Music Monday, folks! But I was just so occupied by work and more work and reading and more reading and feeling very grwon up when I brought two blazers to the dry-cleaner (yes, I’m that kind of girl – but now…..MUSIC MONDAY!

I posted that on my facebook page before, but I’m still so much into it that small facebook post is not doing it any justice. (and yes – my fan-girling over Norbert Leo Butz is not funny anymore)
But he’s great, right? He’s so great. This acting? And this crazy laugh in the beginning? Amazing.

And this song…it’s featured on Jason Robert Brown’s own CD (sung by him!) and I got that CD a good 5 years or so ago. It was in Last 5 Years before basically Brown’s ex-wife sued him for writing a thing about their marriage and then he replaced it with Shiksha Goddess. That’s what I understand of that case. But anyways…I always loved that song (along with Nothing in Common it was my favourite song) and then I found out that Butz was singing it on the live-recording of his performance at 54below and I heard him sing….and – good Lord! – I was trapped all over again.

What do you think? What were you listening to today?
What is your favourite Jason Robert Brown tune?
(I can’t stop writing about him. He’s just my absolute favourite composer for modern musical theatre.)



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