My Weeks #20, Jan 1st – 11th

I’m summing up the first one and a half weeks of the new year in my usual Sunday post! (after two weeks of other Sunday post it’s back to normal today)

what I saw
two dance performances at Tanztage-Festival held at Sophiensaele Berlin. And I finally finished watching the 1st season of House of Cards. I went to the movies yesterday and saw Dancing in Jaffa with a very dear friend of mine.

what I read    
again, sadly, nothing. I’m too sad, can I please get back on the reading waggon?

what I listened to
this and that and I’m REALLY in love with Norbert Leo Butz’ “Memory and Mayhem”-CD. And I did some binge-listening of Parade and Ragtime. 90ies musicals, YAY!

what I bought 
food. And I’m guilty – although I committed to follow a fashion diet for 2014 – I bought a new blazer, I technically ordered in 2013, I just needed to get another size. And I preordered the Big Fish OBC (together with the Shrek filmed on Broadway DVD and some other CD I can’t remember right now…). It should arrive just before my Birthday and I have a chilling-CD-listening-party planned out for me and my girls.

what I did  
I attended our criminal dinner entertainment Christmas party on 4th of January and it was actually fun, I had a nice discussion with one of our new actors. Went back to class and it was weird and worked. (the movies, the movies – going to the movies is always exciting for me, cause I don’t go often) And some working out went on….

where I travelled
haha! I actually rode my bike quite frequently.

How did you spend the first 1.5 weeks of the new year?
How did you like going back to school/work after Christmas break?

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