Music Monday … The Ballad of Sara Berry

One of my biggest hobbies (the most time consuming at least) is searching Youtube for new composers I didn’t know yet. While I did that some time ago (like…more than two years ago)  I found the work of Ryan Scott Oliver (he’s often abbreviated with “RSO” which some people in German write when they mean: Rundfunksymphonieorchester. Read that out loud – sounds like one of these funny German words? – You’re right!) – his song cycle/musical “35 mm” sounds like the most accurate thing for me music and text describing (or: not describing) photographs. Music and photographs in one sentence? That’s right.

Not to mention Lindsay Mendez’ outstanding (vocal) performance! And the lyrics are as original as the lyrics of 2 Little Lines and yet very, very cruel. 🙂 (and we love us some cruel lyrics going with sweet music, right?)

Relistening to his songs make me very excited for his latest piece to be produced in New York this spring (which I hope to be able to see when I’m there…). So, do as I did, sit back, listen, enjoy! And: Happy Monday!

What are you listening to today?



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