Things I’m excited for in 2014

This is more like a private post – so there are not only theatrical events I’m excited for in 2014 but also some more private ones, about studies and travelling and things. It comes instead of the weekly recap I usually post here on Sundays, because except for seeing “Stimmen im Kopf” last Sunday I didn’t do that much….So I thought this’d be a proper substitute. 🙂 Things I’m excited for in 2014 in chronological order.

1) my 23rd birthday. Weird to be excited about? Yes. But I’m kind thinking about 23 as the gate-away to my “mid twenties” and as a person who’s primarily working with older, more experienced people I’m always a little uncomfortable with my age – since there were some people being like “You’re 22 (21, 20)? I’m not listening to you, I’m older than you are!” (sounds like kindergarten to you? Well, it was.). I always have been curious about what happens to me when I age – not to mention that I’m actually excited for the day I’ll find the tiniest bit of grey in my hair. I’m excited for the new year in my life. The older I get the more experiences I’ll make and that means: I’m learning.

2) returning to “the City”. I wonder what it is like to be returning to New York City for another ‘vacation’. I’ve been in Israel twice and I’ve visited serveral cities in Germany twice or more, but for kind of different purposes. Now I wonder what it will be like to be returning to 54below (hopefully) and the theatres and Times Square and everything. Since I saw everything I’ve dreamed about for so long for the first time last trip, I wonder what returning will be like. – I guess March will be different from September and since we’re taking my sister along with us this time that will be a completely different story, too. I’ll keep you posted.

3) re-visiting Broadway. There are so many things going on on Broadway this spring. Violet and Bridges of Madison County and If/Then and Bullets over Broadway (and Beautiful opening and the Les Miz-revival…). And I’m so eager to see these things. As far as I can tell the music of Bridges of Madison County is like heaven (especially for fans of Jason Robert Brown – and….who isn’t? Hands up!) and I just recently watched the movie and both my mother and I cried our eyes out – how sad is that movie?!

4) seeing new things in Germany. We hear exciting things about musical theatre in Germany. Shrek coming, Addams Family coming and this new Wildhorn in St. Gallen (which is Swiss, I know, my dear Swiss people, but it’s in German) – which I’m not sure I’ll be going to see, but still. Not to mention all the small things I’m probably going to see at all the off-venues in Berlin (e.g. the new Zaufke/Lund-piece with the next year of UdK-graduates….like Stimmen im Kopf, but newer. Or attending new open stages of Schreib-Maschine and other things at Neuköllner Oper). And I’m excited for things I’ll see in the multiple ‘real’ opera houses we have here in Berlin – I’ll see “Einstein on the Beach” at Haus der Berliner Festspiele, a friend was so nice to think of me and ordered a ticket for me since I’m mostly too slow for “hot things” like that. Not to mention all these exciting plays my city offers.

5) the things that might or might not change. I’m applying for some new study programmes and let’s see the results of the applying process. I really want to study dramaturgy and I’d love to stay in Berlin, since I’m not too much into changes. But to see results I first need to get out of my lazy holiday mood and work. (say it like Britney) Whether I get accepted or not I’m very excited about how my Master studies will change me and my work and my thinking and everything (hold your horses here, you’re studying dance studies….what kind of “everything” should that change?!).

I hadn’t even limited myself to five points before I started writing but I guess that top 5-thing really got stuck in my head.
What are you most excited for in 2014? Any changes you can already see? Any major events you care to share? I’d be happy if you did!



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