My Top 5 Actors

After I’ve started my Favourite Fridays with some lists about favourite voices and actresses I can finally post my Top 5 male Actors from plays and tv shows and movies. Again: The order doesn’t mean anything.

1) Axel Milberg – his character of the inspector in the Tatort from Kiel (if you’re not from Germany and not familiar with Tatort – it’s a very German thing….cultural stuff and something – It’s a crime series with teams all over Germany and basically every Sunday there’s a new Tatort – or Polizeitruf and that’s kind of Tatort but following a concept back from the GDR.) just recently celebrated his 10th anniversary. Not only do I like Kiel (I’ve kind of worked for the theatre in Kiel and I went up there to work with some colleagues over there twice last year), but I also really do like his character Borowski. He’s a weird guy, having a lot of issues (in the very first Tatort with that character he chaines a local politician to the roof of a strip club, in order to lower his inhibition level) – but at the same time Milberg doesn’t play him as a sociopath, as a “weird-only” guy. To be honest I haven’t seem him in too many movies besides his Tatorts (except for one very trashy movie back when I was a child called “Der Mann von nebenan”// “The Man Next Door” and yes, it was as bad as the titel suggests) – but as ridiculous especially the Tatorts from Kiel sometimes are he’s still great in them and I simply love watching him act.

2) Samuel Finzi – oh my god, I love his voice! I know him primarily from his performances on stage in Berlin, but he also starred in a German TV series (again, crime, that seems to be pretty much the only things Germans can do on TV). He played a psychologist working of a police department, solving crimes by analyzing the people – opposite of Claudia Michelsen who I mentioned in my Top 5 Actresses. He originally is from Bulgaria, he’s lived in Germany for 24 years now, but somehow you can still hear that German is not his mother tongue  – or as some say and I really believe myself he has kind of cultivated his accent. He really has a special voice – go and check him out on Youtube.

3) Matthias Brandt – and here we have a man currently starring as an inspector in Polizeiruf 110 (remeber….the GDR Tatort). And the youngest son of Willy Brandt (who was the fourth chancellor of the federal republic of Germany) – but that’s not why he’s a great actor. I remeber seeing him for the first time a few years back starring in a movie about a mentally retarted couple and their daughter being taken away from them. He was the father (and as far as I remeber Juliane Köhler was his wife) and I was so impressed by that performance that it kind of still haunts me whenever I see him now – when I didn’t know his name I used to refer to him as the “guy who played the retarded father”.

4) Norbert Leo Butz (I’m sorry. He’s just THAT great!) – no words. Can we just lean back and watch him act out that song?

5) Benedict Cumberbatch – now that the 3rd series of Sherlock finally airs our love for him kicks back in. Although there are some arguments in our appartement on how attractive he really is, there’s little room about his acting. It’s beyond fierce. I mean, Sherlock is a fantastic role to play and the way he’s writting is amazing and interesting to watch. But: He’s just adorable. I like Sherlock although he’s not the nicest person you could ever imagine.

Okay, who’s your favourite? I’d love to hear in the comments below or on Theaterkind’s facebook page!
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