My Week #19, Dec. 15th – 21st

another boring (because work packed) week in Theaterkind’s life….

what I saw
my class mates at uni, my actors at work, people at the gym.

what I read    
nothing much. I’m trying to dive more into the sphere of theatre bloggers but I’ve never gotten that far into it. Any recommendations? (leave them with me here or on my facebook page as usual…)

what I listened to
Scott Alan’s “Live”, the revival recording of Sondheim’s Marry Me a Little and I just recently rediscovered Pasek and Paul’s Dogfight.

what I bought 
food. yes. (Hummus, I don’t even like store bought Hummus in Germany) And gas.

what I did  
Working, reading out a text I wrote about one special scene in Once in my writing about dance class. After I at least kind of got rid of my cold (after more than 1.5 months, yay!) I went for a run for the first time in two months, my leg’s still not that cooperative, but let’s see – and I went to the gym twice this week for two hours each.

where I travelled
to and from work. In wintertime (wintertime equals working time…) our car – his name is Jochen by the way – and I become best friends.

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