My Week(s) #17, Nov. 24th – Dec. 7th

what I saw
Let’s see: Many young talents at Bundeswettbewerb Gesang’s finals. Long hours of rehearsals for the concert that followed the finals. Four criminal dinner entertainment performances I managed.

what I read    
nothing. I have a feeling I can’t even concentrate long enough to remeber my name.

what I listened to
the winners of Bundeswettbewerb Gesang. Ragtime, Shrek, Kinky Boots, Sondheim’s Company and Marry Me a Little.

what I bought 
again, dried mango. Nail polish. And a lipstick (when I’m stressed I tend to do that.) and a train ticket to Kiel for next Tuesday.

what I did  
I worked. I met loads of nice people. Might blog about that soon.

where I travelled
to and from work. a lot. by bike. because the train isn’t running right now.


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