My Top 5 Actresses

The last favourite Fridays were dedicated to outstanding voices in musical theatre but since I’m primarily a theatre (which means: straight plays, performance art, dance) researcher I need to write something about my favourite actors and actresses, too. So, here they come – my top 5 favourite actresses in no particular order.

1) Maren Eggert – I saw her on stage in Berlin on multiple occasions. At first I was only intrigued by her height (as a tall woman myself I have this thing for tall women on stages…) and then by her voice. Yeah, that’s right, I was totally caught by just listening to her speaking. After I got over her great, interesting voice (somehow it seems to be too low and with too little sound….) I was able to take in her acting and I’ve never seen an actress taken back to this extend. She herself doesn’t even seem to exist when she plays another character, but nevertheless you can kind of see her, she’s giving her characters this uncomparable turn, swing, kind of autistic tone.

2) Susanne Wolff  – same here. Berlin stage and on one occasion even together with Maren Eggert. Her acting tends to be louder and more outgoing than Maren Eggert’s, but yet another time: That voice! It has somehow a very rough structure. That reminds me: I need to find time to see her on stage again.

3) Sutton Foster – I’m featuring her in the actress and not the voice section, because I’m a fan of hers. Of her voice and of her acting, but more of her acting I’d say. She’s one of the most comedic talented people I’ve ever whitnessed. Her performance in Bundheads is just fabulous as well as her performance as Fiona in the Broadway recording of Shrek. She’s for the funny things.

4) Claire Danes – I’m in complete awe regarding that woman! She’s such a great actress I thought there is no room for a better performance after the second season of Homeland. But now watching the third I have to say: Yes, there is! I finally caught up with the 3rd season yesterday and – oh Lord! – what is she even doing? So great.

5) Claudia Michelsen – another German actress but unlike the other two I never saw her on stage, only on TV. And yet she’s a great actress. Reflecting about my favourite actresses I just realized I tend to like rough, “chipped” actresses and Claudia Michelsen, too, is one of those. Her performance is tough and then, suddenly everything seems to fly away and she totally can be vulnerable the next second. And again, I love listening to her voice. It’s just the way it is.

(and: yes, I judge people by their voice. By the way they speak.)



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