Month: December 2013

Stimmen im Kopf, Neuköllner Oper Berlin

On December 29th I saw my last theatrical performance in 2013 – my dear friend Gregor, a sound editor-to-be, pushed me to see the second of last (and his last) performance of Stimmen im Kopf. Every time a new group of student of the musical theatre programme of Universität der Künste Berlin is heading to graduation they get their own, new (original) musical to perform at the small off-opera house in Neukölln. It was the third of these musicals I’ve seen (and the first one I waited so long before I went….) – and they all more of less follow the same idea. They are made to show off what the students can do best, everyone get’s his/her solo and there is a massive ammount of choreography and dacing going on.

Especially for people like me, who tend to get excited about original musicals, it’s a great thing to see a complete new piece (not like these teeny-tiny bites sometimes shared with the general public at installments like Schreib:Maschine). Plus I met most of the young actors taking the stage during the Bundeswettbewerb Gesang, where a good number of them were among the finalists – although I saw them right before they went on stage during the Bundeswettbewerb and right when they stepped off of it I hardly heard them sing or watched them perform, except for Maria-Danaé Bansen who won the competition’s main category (and Dennis Dobrowolski who I saw on stage at Komische Oper Berlin in Ball im Savoy, but….that doesn’t count, because I really didn’t like the production and the part he was playing wasn’t that representable….) and I’ve never ever been in a performance in which someone I know edited the sound. Let’s just sum it up: I was rather excited.

Stimmen im Kopf (“Voices in Your Head”) follows the daily life in a psychiatric hospital – if there is such a thing. You enter it along with Babsi who brings her younger sister Nadine into treatment. Nadine ‘hears a voice’ or better – is the only one (for now) who’s able to see Daniel – sort of demonic imagination. So, we enter the hospital and one by one we get to know the other patients and the three members of the staff.

I remeber sitting there for what felt like 30 Minutes thinking “Boy, this is the longest introduction I have ever seen in my life!” and actually that’s what they did: They took their time. Time to tell the stories of their characters and time to show what the graduates are able to do on stage – I’d even go ahead and say: The story is not that important which of course doesn’t mean that there isn’t any, but somehow every single character seems to be stressed to much more than the story as a whole thing to watch. And it was a great joy to watch these characters over the course of little more than two and a half hours.
To be honest this year I was struck by the acting for the first time watching these productions (that’s why I’m stressing that in the next paragraphs, because I mostly was amazed by that). In the moments the musical sometimes (!) took to dive into the character’s stories, you could see that they did their research on various mental deseases and the life in a mental hospital very carefully. I was moved by some acting performances in particular I’d like to point out: Due to my own ‘disposition’ I loved Philipp – a highly talented young man, slightly autistic or suffering from OCD, very carefully and never too over the top played by Patrick Cieslik. I was very moved by the gender bending performance of Marion Wulf playing the role of Herbert/Cora, also very carefully displayed character with close to none family backround, breaking the rules, being destructive and very vulnerable at the same time. The same, but in a very different way applies to Karla, a ‘typical business woman’, suffering from burn-out and/or depression. She’s a little stuffy and shows a slightly posh behaviour – she seems to be not feeling in touch with the world around her (what becomes clear in her solo “Und ich schau nur zu”) though she shows not the obvious signs of a mental desease as the others do. Maria-Danaé Bansen portaying her gives the audience (and the other patients) a nerv-wrecking attitude most of time – the bigger is the surprise when she finally gives in and suddenly seems to be the complete opposite: a completely vulnerable woman.
During the performance I saw there was silence after both of the mentioned womens’ solos the audience was completely taken into the performance of these two and I was so glad nobody interrupted that bond between the story and us by clapping. (THANK YOU, audience!)

I also want to mention Venera Jakupov as the old, russian patient Frau Dermicin who basically has one line “Ich kann das machen” (I can do that), but kind of manages to take her room on stage every time – not to talk about the fore-shadowing (of the more bloody events happening more towars the end of act 2) she does during the finale of act 1 (Jakupov also plays another character, a medical officer who I really didn’t unterstand as a character other than being mean, very Trunchbull-like), Anna Pircher’s very extensive portrait of the sexually abused Jenny and Yvonne Greitzke who plays the ‘heart of the hospital’, the nurse Eva.

Music wise there was a HUGE resemblance of Leben ohne Chris (2009) by the same composer-writer-duo. Even before the very (VERY) direct quote from that piece in second act it was obvious and I heard some Next to Normal around – one time when Nadine’s fiancé Lars tries to remind her of their good times  it’s very “Henry in the second act of Next to Normal” with ‘Hey’ all over. Other than that the music is not very ‘familiar’, it is able to give the audience (and the singers) a hard time easing into it, it’s not like the catchy tunes most of the musical theatre audiences are used to, but it somehow suits the not at all normal setting of the story and for that sake works really well.

It was definetly a good decision to go and see Stimmen im Kopf for ‘observing talent’ and I wish all the best to these 12 talented actors and singers (Christian Miebach’s “Wenn die Menschen schlafen gehen”/When the people go to sleep!) and dancers (Larissa Puhlmann and Johannes Brüssau!!) – I’m looking forward to seeing these people again on the musical theatre stages around.


Music Monday … On My Way

Just recently Roundabout Theatre Company announced that they’d bring Violet to Broadway (in a new one act version) starring Sutton Foster (who was featured in my post about my Top 5 Favourite Actresses). I spend some time listening to the original Off Broadway recording from 1998 and soon found my favourite song….it has such a nice drive and make me happy and sad at the same time every single time I listen to it. And I like the harmonies! I really do.

In addition to that I found Sutton Foster sing a solo version of it on her first solo CD and in concerts going with that. I found a video of that for you! Isn’t her voice just great in that? I’m kind of looking forward to hear more of her Violet in 2014! 🙂

My Year #1 – Theatrical Life

Again, it’s the end of a year and it’s the time of reviewing what happened that past year and basically it’s all about numbers since it would be weird (and very long) to write a little something about EVERY SINGLE performance I saw this year. So, here they are – a few number before I’ll write some small things that happened for/to me. Have fun and a fantastic start for 2014!

What I saw:

overall 63 performances, what isn’t even close to what Erika Fischer-Lichte, one of the most famous theatre scholars in Germany who was our principal when I first started my BA studies, expected us to see (she said something about seeing two to four shows per week)

  • 6 concert style evenings (2 modern musical concerts, 4 more classical ones including Kurtag’s Kafka Fragements)
  • 32 musical theatre performances, of which 13 are modern musicals, 2 operettas and 17 operas (of which I left one at intermission – first time of my life!)
  • 9 dance performances
  • 16 plays and performances

And I went to the cinema twice. To see Hannah Arendt (Margarethe von Trotta) in January and La Grande Bellezza (Paolo Sorrentino – thank you, M, to take me to see it, I never would have gone on my own)

What I did:

I managed 29 performances of our criminal dinner entertainment and asissted 5. (in 4 or 5 different shows, I’m not completely sure…)

This is my 60th blogpost on here, I listened to endless hours of cast recordings and EPs of new musical theatre composers, spend hours searching for and watching great Youtube-Videos.

I wrote my BA thesis about the construction of Self and Other in two performances with performers from the Middle East. I startet my MA studies in dance studies (a post about how that is fitting into my life will be up soon). I met fabulous new people and lovely colleagues from “back then” and I am entirely happy to have chosen the theatre life six years ago. I still enjoy my work and the people I get to work with mostly are great to work with, I love how theatre can mean family even if you don#t see each other very often. And I started an additional job at the department for theatre studies at Freie Universität Berlin where I work with a research project “The Aesthetics of Applied Theatre” granted by the European Research Council, where I learned how to take care of websites and met great colleagues (who actually are my bosses…).
And I have the feeling that I really, really committed to blogging and I feel great doing so, I miss writing and I realize it only when I’m in fact writing.

I lost friends and found new ones and I was reminded of old ones. I discovered my love for my personal blender and green smoothies (I basically life off these most of the time. Green Smoothies and dried mango).

I spend the summer thinking and over thinking things and basically two people pulled me out of that weird depressive cycle. Even though I’m pretty sure that they won’t read that, I am very, very grateful to have the two of you in my life.

I travelled to some cities in Germany (Kiel, Münster, Nuremberg), Prague and New York City, which I’m completely in love with and I’m very happy to go back this spring – and I had a fantastic weekend of hiking and canoeing (which I really don’t have a talent for) in the Spreewald with great friends, but tons of mosquitos thought it was pretty amazing that I was there, too.

So, there’s a new year coming and I am excited for 2014, to see what will change, what will be just the same as always and after all….what happens to me growing up just a little bit more.

I wish you a very happy new year and see/read you soon, my lovely readers! (and again: I’m eager to hear what made your year special – if you care to share!) 🙂


Top 5 Musical Theatre Experiences 2013

Towards the end of the year I can state: My top 5 Musical Theatre Experiences in 2013….in chronological order.

1) The last ever episode of Smash – I LOVED the first season of Smash and I liked the second one or, let’s say – I ‘lived’ with it until it got its sh*t together towards the end of the season and than the last two episodes happened and … let’s be honest here … that was some pretty girly cheesy stuff going on on there and everyone was a little too happy and/or too at peace with his/her fate, but it was super sweet and lovely. And Joshua Safran did some pretty nice acceptance speech writing there. And TONY AWARDS. 😉

2) 54below – back then I was all over the place for my mom’s and my night out at 54below back in NYC and I still think it was one of the better nights of my life. It was having a super nice night out (which I tend to have sometimes….) with my mom, our first night out in NYC and my first cabaret-style concert in a while. Plus: Stephanie J. Block, Brian Stokes Mitchell, LaChanze, hearing so many tunes for the first time (introduced me to Ragtime and Man Of No Importance) and crying over Liz Callaway singing Journey to the PastI guess that was when I realized I finally was in New York, the city I had been obsessing about for six years or more and now taking in the vibe of Broadway in that lovely (and I’d say except for us tourist-free) venue was a little too much for…

3) Seeing Broadway shows – as I just stated from age 16 on I was thinking about how I’d travel to New York one day and see all these Broadway shows I read about on the internet and in magazines. In January I had this crazy idea about me earning my BA’s degree this year (by the way…I’m not even an official Bachelor of Arts yet….and I handed in my thesis three months ago and it’s not that long) and wanting to treat myself with that trip. My mother came along and saw six Broadway shows, two of which will close in the next week (Big Fish and First Date) and I can say that what I saw over there got a totally new perspective on musical theatre and what people call “mega musicals”. Especially Big Fish and Once moved me in a way it wasn’t even funny anymore and I just heard First Date‘s Krysta Rodriguez say “And now I’m in a Broadway show that’s like a TV show” – and she’s right. Yes, there is such a thing. But basically almost every show was special, too special and too dear to pick one or two to make it into my favourite musical theatre experiences.

4) Next to Normal in Germany – coming back from NYC I had a two week long break before my next adventure, travelling to the south of Germany to see the German version of Next to Normal. And coming back from New York I had this “Well….I’ve seen Broadway….I’ve seen musical theatre at its best” kind of attitude. I knew it featured my favourite two musical actresses in Germany and I was beyond excited for the translation. I’ve always loved the Broadway Cast recording and I knew I’d love the German version of “Wish I were here” music-wise and so it was. In addition to that I never knew “Maybe” could move me the way it did. Sabrina Weckerlin who played Natalie sang like three notes and I totally burst into tears – like she pushed some random “Lisanne cries”-button. Vocally it was overall a genuine performance of mostly everybody involved. Let’s just leave it at that.

5) Bundeswettbewerb Gesang – as you could just read in my two blog post about that competition (Part 1 and Part 2) I really loved working there and it was worth taking 5 days of my annual leave at my job at university even though it meant long hours very little to no private life – I mostly enjoyed working with all these people. It showed me a lot about musical theatre and how people working in there are.

Sadly I didn’t have that great experiences with opera – just because I didn’t see too much of it. But of course, Katie Mitchell’s Le Vin Herbe at Staatsoper Berlin as well as Caroline Melzer and Nurit Stark’s version of Kurtag’s Kafka Fragments were pretty amazing, too – just not Top 5 2013-amazing. 😉

Now I’m eager to learn about your favourite musical theatre experiences of 2013! What concert did you like most? What show? A stage door experience you’d like to share? I’d be happy to read some of that in the comments below or on my facebook page. Or, new since last Wednesday, you can write me an email in English or German to mail.theaterkind[at]


A Nerd’s Guide to New York City Pt. 2

After loooooong weeks of other posts I finally return to my Nerd’s Guide to New York City with a second part, a post dedicated to Theatre and Theatre activities.

A lot of the time of our NYC trip was occupied by theatre and theatre stuff. Watching performances, seeing theatre related stuff. So I guess I have something to tell you….

Seeing Shows….

I felt like a pro when I booked our tickets to see Pippin just the week before the Tonys because I had a feeling they’d win some awards. They were the first tickets I ever booked to see a Broadway show. Then I booked the tickets to see Big Fish, First Date and by the end of August I had booked our tickets to Matilda as well. For First Date and Big Fish I used discount codes provided by Playbill’s free Playbill Club which gave me the opportunity to book our tickets in advance and at least save a little money….

For the other two shows we got to see, Once and Newsies, we went to two of the three TKTS booths located in NYC, where we got tickets for both shows 50% off on the day of the performance. So we saw Once from brilliant seats in the rear orchestra and Newsies from a not so crowded mezzanine (with the air conditioning working on the highest setting right over our heads…) for an at least pretty resonable price. They also have an app where they post their discounts each day and I sometimes have fun just checking on them here in Germany every now and then.

In addition to that (almost) every show has special rush-, lottery- or student policies – which I never used back in September, but probably will be trying on my next visit to the city (or when I finally maybe will an intern with a theatre company over there one day…).

As I German/European girl every theatre building I knew before I went to see Broadway shows had a (more or less) huge lobby, with the Broadway theatres I saw it was more or less only a small lobby giving pretty much only room for the box office – what causes long lines of theatre goers in front of the theatres before the show. It’s a weird scene to see….so many people lining up in front of theatres every night – weird, but fun. After you enter the theatre you almost imediately stand right in the back of the orchestra seats.

In case someone doesn#t know that already: As soon as you enter the theatre an usher will approach you and show you your seats (or maybe it was our looks…although we weren’t looking THAT touristy) and give you a playbill (or two)with basic information about the show such as the cast and cast changes for the night, running time, a list of songs….Very handy and pretty and I love mine (so does my mother, they are kind of displayed on our coffee table in the living room)

Other Activities

I already wrote about the tour I took with Broadway Up Close in a special blogpost and I’ll just repeat: It was a very, very nice experience (and again, I’m not sponsered or anything…). I loved every second of it. Our guide Tim was so nice explaining everything to my Mom, me and the married couple being on the same tour. Since seeing shows (mostly) is a very immobile activity, you normally hardly move it was nice to have something theatre related requiering some walking – not that my Mom and I didn’t walk all the time, but still. Just after we took our tour in October they established a brand new tour, some kind of second part – and I literally can’t wait to take that once I’ll go back to NYC (and maybe I can make a special arrangement to be able to take my sister with me next time? If I promise to fill her in?).

I also already wrote about 54below….twice or even more (and a little teaser: it will be featured again in this week’s Favourite Friday Post….). I highly recommend that for a little more splurgy evening in style and everything – as soon as I spoke to the doorman over there I became the theatre lady I hide most of the time. 😉

Plus: I regularly got sucked into Barnes&Noble to buy tons of cast recordings because that’s something you don’t find in Germany very often. Cast recordings in regular book- or record shops. I bought like 10 recordings I wanted very badly or I came across and thought “Wow….that Sondheim….you should listen to that….!” – for example the revival recording of Jason Robert Brown’s “The Last 5 Years” (wanted very badly), Sondheim’s “Company” and “Follies” and “Passion” (see the pattern there?), “Once on This Island” and “Ragtime” (after that 54below-concert honouring Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty it was just a logical consequence…) and others.

For our next visit I can’t wait to also visit The Drama Book Shop on West 40th street (did someone just mention books? Drama Books? And I haven’t already been there? Are you kidding me?).

As a fan of NBC’s (cancelled) TV show Smash I needed to eat at the West Way Diner (where Julia and Michael met up twice during the first season….) which was more fun to just be at than to eat there – I really can’t take diner food. 🙂 And there are so many locations yet to try for theatre lovers, I’m eager to have a drink at Joe Allen – does anyone have further recommandations for (after show) drinks or something? I’d be very happy to hear what you like to do before or after shows and how you get your tickets – tell me in the comments or on my facebook page!

Merry Christmas, my dear readers!


Music Monday … I’m Not Pregnant

Well after the Music Monday with Drew Gasparini’s “Two Little Lines” and Christmas just around the corner with all this eating that’s included I thought that was kind of matching….. 🙂 Have fun with this fun song and Merry Christmas!


My Week #19, Dec. 15th – 21st

another boring (because work packed) week in Theaterkind’s life….

what I saw
my class mates at uni, my actors at work, people at the gym.

what I read    
nothing much. I’m trying to dive more into the sphere of theatre bloggers but I’ve never gotten that far into it. Any recommendations? (leave them with me here or on my facebook page as usual…)

what I listened to
Scott Alan’s “Live”, the revival recording of Sondheim’s Marry Me a Little and I just recently rediscovered Pasek and Paul’s Dogfight.

what I bought 
food. yes. (Hummus, I don’t even like store bought Hummus in Germany) And gas.

what I did  
Working, reading out a text I wrote about one special scene in Once in my writing about dance class. After I at least kind of got rid of my cold (after more than 1.5 months, yay!) I went for a run for the first time in two months, my leg’s still not that cooperative, but let’s see – and I went to the gym twice this week for two hours each.

where I travelled
to and from work. In wintertime (wintertime equals working time…) our car – his name is Jochen by the way – and I become best friends.


My Top 5 (musical theatre) Recordings 2013

It’s the time of end-of-year-reviews and I’ll incorporate one of mine into Favourite Friday! So….here they come: My top 5 (musical theatre) recordings 2013. As always in no particular order.

1) Live – that’s not a Cast Recording, but an EP of the composer-writer-duo Kerrigan Lowdermilk which I like very much. And on that EP many Broadway voices sing these fabulous songs – it’s a great everyday listen! My most favourite songs on there are “The fathers ran away”, “Holding on”, “Sadie” and “Shut up and listen”. Just go and preview them on iTunes and be amazed.

2) First Date – I saw that show back in September when I was in NYC and I was very happy to be one of the first people to have the recording (because I bought it in the theatre….it wasn’t even in the stores back then). Krysta Rodriguez has a great voice and even if the music had been not my favourite the CD would’ve been worth its money just because of her. But gladly the music is a nice, mostly up tempo, driving pop-score and has so many funny, sad and thoughtful lyrics that it pays off even more! Plus: Since it’s closing on Jan 5th and you weren’t able to SEE Zachary Levi perform (which of course is a pitty!) you can at least listen to him sing. And to Ms. Rodriguez. And everyone else – and get the vibe of the show at least somehow.

3) The Last 5 Years – My favourite musical of all times got an Off-Broadway-Revival this past spring, directed by Jason Robert Brown himself. Since I wasn’t able to see it I was looking forward to the recording to be released – hearing that contemporary take on the material. I own serveral recordings of Betsy Wolfe’s voice and I loved Adam Kantor on the taping of Rent’s final Broadway performance – so my anticipation was even stronger. And I like it (well if not it wouln’t be featured in that list, right?). I like Adam Kantor’s Jamie-tone and with Betsy Wolfe as Cathy you sometimes even are able to hear that Cathy is supposed to be a mediocre singer (unlike Wolfe who is a brilliant singer!) – I always love if characters are given a new tone, a new voice. And with that recording it’s a job well done!

4) Rebecca – Since I am German I thought that at leat one of my featured recordings had to be German. The German recording of Rebecca was released in November 2012, but I’ll still count it as a 2013 favourite. This is the second recording of the Kunze/Levay musical Rebecca (based on the novel by Daphne du Maurier) after the world premiere recording from Vienna 2007. After their run in Vienna some things were revised and changed so it’s nice to have that recording, too, even though I own the one from Vienna. The highlight you can’t argue about is Pia Douwes as Mrs Danvers who seems to be scarier and more like a psychopath with Douwes’ voice. To be honest she was the one reason I bought that recording in the first place – and it’s worth it big times! She’s just incredible.

5) The Mystery of Edwin Drood – After my visit to Münster to see Drood last February and even before I binge-listened to the recording of the 2012 Broadway revival starring my all time favourite Stephanie J Block as Drood. Especially the first CD is much fun to listen to (the second one not soooo much in my opinion since it’s basically the repition of one song with some (musical and lyrical) variations, the different confession songs. But they are nice to have, to get to know the structure – and to be honest the structure is the thing making it special. And Stephanie J Block is the one making this recording special. Please, just go to Youtube right now and search for her “Writing on the Wall” – and if you happen to love it as much as I do: You’re very welcome. 😉

In case you haven’t found a gift for the musical theatre lover in your life I can recommend any of these. What are your favourite recordings of 2013? My German friends: Any German favourites? I’d love to hear that in the comments below or on my facebook page.

I’m very looking forward to 2014 recording-wise, a German Next to Normal recording and the Big Fish OBC in February….Have a great second to last weekend in 2013!


Working With Talent Pt. 2 // Bundeswettbewerb Gesang

So after we brought the video-lady back up again I reached my seat next to my mother just in time before Michael Dixon got on stage to announce that unlike advertised before not Dominique Horowitz will be presenting but Katharine Mehrling who’d already been the president of the jury during the finals. And she did well presenting.

I was just as excited as I tend to be on opening night performances throughout the concert with that bitter-sweet moment of whitnessing something very special and something you look forward to but at the same time seeing that the event will end a very special time (which actually ment: returning to my dance studies classes, which are great but working with musical theatre is a little bit better….). But still I was eager to see if everything went just as we rehearsed and as far as I could see (and can remeber) everything was just fine.

You can watch every single performance on Vimeo and one of the performances I shared two days ago for Music Monday! And to be honest I think it’s best for you to spend an evening on Vimeo instead of reading what I think about all these performances – exept for said Music Monday…in that case, please, go, read what I wrote over there. 😉

I CAN’T even say bad things about the performers, I liked all of them, but since I spend about a week (more or less) with them I’m not able to pretend I can totally write just about their performances. But what I can do, is write about my mother’s view from what she told me. She’s a avid (musical) theatre goer, she’s the one travelling with me and seeing shows with me – she sees musicals as well as opera and straight plays. The one song performed she still talks about and even has shown to her friends at work is Marissa Möller’s performance of the chanson “Rabenmutter” (a German term for uncaring, cruel, bad mother), she als really liked Nedime Ince’s Turkish-German rendition of “Wenn ich mir was wünschen dürfte”, while I friend of mine really, really liked Elisabeth Köstner’s “Pulled” from the Addams Family. The song that kind of revived my Sondheim-obsession was Philipp Büttner’s “Marry Me a Little” while we all laughed our asses off when Paula Skorupa sang “Toothbrush” (other than the title is suggesting it’s a German song…but even if you speak English only I bet you’ll have fun just watching her!). I could go on and on like that. (if someone of you readers watches the videos, please let me know which one you like best!)

During intermission I went backstage to check on everything and see if there was any work for me to do (I remembered last year’s concert when I sat back stage and was holding hands of nervous singers and helping the stage manager). I shortly talked to the director to make some arrangements concerning the end of the concert when each and everyone of the winners had to go directly upstaris to attent a small photo call and the reception, we agreed on meeting in the left wing of the stage and there I was, sadly  not beeing able to see the last number from the auditorium, but at least I was there and able to listen from the side and I was there when they first went off stage which – in my opinion – is always a faszinating moment to see people in. After they took off their microphones the director took the lead and ordered me to be the last and from what I remeber we lost one of our “ducklings” and I ran all over the building looking for him (let’s just remeber the heels I wore here…), but when I came up to the lobby where the reception was held, he suddenly was there.

These receptions are always a little fun, because they actually are work (we mostly just wait for the people to go to organize some things in the end) but not really, we are allowed to drink a little wine and share some small talk with people, which was actually fun, because most of (the Berlin based) Germany’s musical theatre people were there and I had some nice conversations, mostly with gay men, but I also met an actor I work with at the criminal dinner entertainment I work for and he introduced me to the “assistant” headmaster of the musical college in Munich where he studied. I’m not very good at small talk but after I had more than a week of practise with the participants I did quite well I guess.

At about 1am I took some of the winners back to their dressing rooms and went up to the office to get changed myself. I packed my stuff and arranged everything to leave together with my bosses, when we went past the dressing rooms I decided to wait for the ones still there. So I watched my bosses leave and waited for Peter and Lisa, who somehow managed to get me to join them and some other participants for one last drink (because I escorted them to the bar anyways).

End of story: I was home at 3 am, and woke up at 8 am the next morning, I sat through all my classes (six hours of philosophical and theatrical dance studies research discussions) and went to work for two hours afterwards. I’m pretty proud, yes, I am.

Personally theses weeks with almost 100 hours of working show me how durable my body can be and I’ve always loved working directly with artists (though most of the time I didn’t work WITH but FOR them…anyway…). It was a good experience to be completely surrounded by music for that time which usually isn’t the case when I’m working.

What were your most intensive working experiences? What concert did you buzz about lately? Let me know in the comments below or on my facebook page!

And to all our winners, the people I spend the weekend with at Friedrichstadt Palast: I can’t wait to hear what you’ll do once you’ll leave your schools! Keep me posted, if possible. 😀


Music Monday … Wär die Welt perfekt

This week I share some music with you that most of you will know anyways. It’s not a secret that I love, love, LOVE Jason Robert Brown’s music. I just love his storytelling and the way the songs are theatre – they are just some kind of musical theatre on their own and that’s so great. I recently met Peter Schmid at Bundeswettbewerb Gesang and he and his acting around one of my favourite Brown songs impressed me so much I thought it would be nice to share that with you.

Please listen to this very nice translation, too. And the music. Listen just to what the music tells you and you’ll understand! 😉

What are you listening to today? I’d be glad to hear in the comments or on my facebook-page!