My Top 5 Male Voices in Musical Theatre

Here’s the male version of last Favourite Friday! Again, the mentioning of the guys is in no particular order. 😉

1) Norbert Leo Butz – if you have been following my blog for quite some time, you probably will have recognized that there’s one man in musical theatre business I could go crazy about. I mean, he’s just amazing. End of story. 😉

2) Christian Alexander Müller – number 2 on my list and the second one of the guys who once played Jamie in The Last 5 Years. I travelled to Chemnitz to see the production in played in. I love his voice – it’s more classical than most of other musical theatre actors’ in my opinion (which is a result from his classical voice training). And as you’ll see as we’ll be getting more into the list I have a soft spot for classical trained voices. One of the most poweful examples of his voices is his interpretation of “Stars” from Les Miserables from back in 2004 when he was about 23 years old. I recently even got to know one of his students and he has kind of the same voice and – well – that was beautiful.

3) Brian Stokes Mitchell – just like with LaChanze who was featured on the female version of that list I was introduced to him at the concert of songs by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty at 54below in September. His voice is – like Christian Alexander Müller’s – more on the classical side. And: Hell, yeah!

4) Günter Papendell – and here it comes! Another classical trained voice! I met Günter years ago when I sat in on a production of Beethoven’s Fidelio where he only was Don Fernando who is on stage for like three minutes (and directed to sleep most of that time in our production). He’s in the ensemble of Komische Oper Berlin and I saw him in quite a few productions, most recently as Olysses in Il ritorno d’Ulisse in patria where not only he was a brilliant Ulysses but the production was pretty beautiful all over. Oh – and his Don Giovanni!

5) Martin Wölfel – guess what! Another opera singer! Martin Wölfel is a countertenor and I saw him perform as Edgar in Reimann’s interpretation of King Lear (which is fact is a gorgeous opera and had an equally gorgeous staging at Komische Oper Berlin a few years ago) and – BOY! – that was some performance! Wölfel is here more an expression of my love for countertenors. But he’s pretty amazing, too!

Who’s your favourite?



  1. Hach ja, das erinnert mich daran, dass ich endlich mal in die Oper gehen sollte. 🙂

    Meine Liste sieht folgendermaßen aus:

    1) Christian Alexander Müller (Sein “Musik der Nacht” ist wahrscheinlich, das beste, was ich jemals live auf einer Bühne gehört hab!)
    2) Thomas Borchert
    3) Jeremy Jordan
    4) Ramin Karimloo

    Für die 5) kann ich mich nicht zwischen Drew Sarich und Serkan Kaya entscheiden. 🙂

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