My Top 5 Female Voices in Musical Theatre

for this Favourite Friday I’ll be covering my top 5 female voices in modern musical theatre in no particular order….

AND with each and every of theses ladies combined we all can have a nice, never ending Youtube-marathon – which definitely will be worth it. 🙂

1) Pia Douwes – one of the musicals that “kicked off” my kind of professional thinking about that genre was “3 Musketiere” (3 Musketeers) in Berlin. There I was to whitness a stunning performance of Pia Douwes playing Milady De Winter. – I recently took the time to re-listen to the recording and yes, she was stunning. And she had been stunning everytime I saw her on stage ever since! The last time as Diana in the first German production of Next to Normal.

2) Stephanie J. Block – for me Stephanie J. Block is one of the only people in theatre business I’m fangirling about. Because her voice is just incredible, sometimes I wonder where that sound comes from, you watch her performing, singing and suddenly there is that sound and I can’t help but wonder. And I saw here live. At 54below. I’m still excited about that night!

3) Sabrina Weckerlin – as well as with Pia Douwes I first saw her in “3 Musketiere” where she was about 19 years old, her first ever production and caught a glimpse of her every now and then. Her vocal performance is always stunning, that girl can sing! Again, I just saw her as Natalie in Next to Normal and boy, she has matured (that’s funny to write about a 27-year-old since I’m only 22…) even since last year’s perofrmance of Magrid Arnaud in Marie Antoinette by Michael Kunze.

4) LaChanze – I first hear her sing at that concert at 54below (which is kind of legendary on my blog, right? it get’s referred to so much by myself). She sung Sarah Brown Eyer from Ragtime and I was AMAZED. With her singing that whole venue was silent as hell. Afterwards I went to a little LaChanze-youtubing and found out that I already had listened to her voice repeatedly – she’s Celie on the OBC of “The Color Purple”.

5) Linsay Mendez – the only one of these ladies I’ve never seen perform, but nevertheless I was obsessed with her the minute I heared her singing “Bless the Lord” from a rehearsal footage of the Godspell revival two years ago. Since then I’m buying CDs as soon as her name is mentioned with it. Because: Just listen, please.

I’ve limited myself to 5 – of course I could go on and on about great female voices….Liz Callaway, Willemijn Verkaik (who I saw back in Stuttgart before everyone in the US got crazy about her ), Patina Miller, Krysta Rodriguez….well I might be seeing another female-voice-top-list coming in the future. 😉

But still I have a bonus one for you – since this is a mucial theatre blog and a whole lot of what I watch/want to watch is opera I have a classical voice for you I deeply adore (especially when she sings new music, Reimann, Kurtag and stuff):
A great soprano and a dear friend of mine – Caroline Melzer. Fancy some Hindemith? Or something newer, a video installation of Kurtág’s Kafka Fragments she participated in? In the later one she totally took me off guard – there was so much story in these fragments sung by her and space and depth.



  1. Schöne Liste. Ich tue mich irgendwie immer schwer mit Frauen, Männerstimmen liebe ich viel schneller.
    Wen ich aber definitiv liebe ist Lauren Pritchard, auch wenn sie ja eigentlich nur in einem Musical mitgemacht hat. Aber gerade arbeitet sie weiter an ihrer Solokarriere und ich freue mich auf ihr Album.
    Pia und Sabrina mag ich aber auch sehr gerne.

    1. Frauenstimmen haben eine ganz andere Materialität als Männerstimmen. (und der Männer-Artikel schlummert schon hier für nächste Woche…. 😉 ) Was ich im Nachhinein ganz spannend finde ist, dass außer Pia Douwes (und Caroline Melzer) kein wirklich “reiner” Sopran dabei ist….

  2. Tolle Liste! Ich hab mir auch mal ein paar Gedanken dazu gemacht und spontan fallen mir folgende fünf Damen ein (die Reihenfolge spielt keine Rolle):

    1) Sabrina Weckerlin
    2) Sierra Boggess
    3) Pia Douwes
    4) Megan Hilty
    5) Willemijn Verkaik

    Roberta Valentini liebe ich auch sehr, aber irgendwie würde ich sie gerade nicht zu meinen Lieblingsfrauenstimmen zählen, was irgendwie merkwürdig ist?!

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