A nerd’s guide to New York City Pt. 1

When I returned from NYC I promised a more general post about my trip and what I did in the city because when I was prepping for the trip I couldn’t find much information that suited my needs. (I’m not saying that there are many people with needs and interests as complex and random as mine, but…)

Location, Location, Location
Somehow I hadn’t much knowledge about how big Manhattan was – and I mean the more touristy things up to 82th street or something. When I’m saying it’s not that huge I definitely don’t talk about everything north of 82nd street. That actually is HUGE (we did a full circle cruise and it took almost 3.5 hours). But south of that and especially south of central park you can pretty much walk everywhere (given enough time). We did some crazy ammount of walking and my mom’s feet didn’t look too pretty from time to time, but not only did it save us a lot of money we otherwise would’ve spend on the subway, but also we got to see the city (the thing with subways is that they are below the surface, right?). And as a runner/work-out-lover I loved to walking from a fitness perspektive, too. Nevertheless we stayed in a hotel at West 45th Street between 6th and 7th Av. The Room Mate Grace Hotel was a nice small (mostly Spanish speaking) hotel with a pool almost right in the lobby – it’s a shame we didn’t use it, but we simply didn’t. 😉 With that location we had like the shortest walks to the Broadway theatres (maximum distance: 7 blocks to Neil Simon, and 9 to 54below.) and we were very close to our beds after the shows. And I really learned to love Times Square. I mean it’s packed with tourists and lights and sounds and I’m usually not a person liking thoses kinds of things, but with Times Square is somehow was different. And we don’t really have to talk about the theatre district “magic”. When we first came to Manhattan from the airport after a whole day of travelling, we got off the subway and when we first set our feet on 44th street between 7th and 8th the first person I saw was so clearly a Broadway actor and I was like: Yay, I’m there!

Since this is a theatre blog not many of you (not many of the 5 of you reading that…) might know of my weird eating habits. I like salad and smoothies and coffee and fruit. I’m a vegetarian, almost egg-free and dairy free exept for milk (I can’t even imagine putting soy milk in my coffee ever again). When I travel I know I have to change my habits to match the offer at my destination. We had breakfast at a deli like next door from our hotel. They offered oat meal (with sugar and whole milk, without sugar and with skim milk and finally sugar- and milk-free) and smoothies which were actually made with milk and joghurt but not that much and they were tasty. That usually was our breakfast, most of the days we’d have a coffee going with that and we paid about 17 dollars for both of us. In the afternoon we usually (there were few eceptions like when we were still getting used to the location and forgot to get something to eat in time and a ‘trip’ to the Westway Diner and our Downton-Day) hit Whole Foods. I’m very much into that organic thing and I read about the prepared food section at Whole Foods stores. And YES. OH. MY. GOD! I usually had a salad made of baby spinach, roasted tomatos, mushrooms, avocado and carrots. And it was sooo yummy. We usually would get a box of fruit and a dessert as well (the tiramisu is AMAZING) and couldn’t eat everything for a late lunch/early pre-theatre dinner, so we usually ate the left-overs for a after theatre snack.
For our special splurge-dinner we went to 54below on our third night (Thursday) and it was amazing, as you can read in my special blogpost about our visit there.


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