My Top 10 Websites for (Musical) Theatre Lovers

For the first ever Favourite Friday on this blog I want to share my top 10 websites for musical theatre lovers, German and English ones, in no particular order.

1. is my number one source for Broadway news. Most of the things I knew before we travelled to NYC this fall I knew from reading They have loads of news and photo coverages of opening nights, recording sessions and special events. They have a database with a kind of playbill-archive and cast information for a ton of Broadway shows, from time to time when I want to know about a certain actor’s Broadway credits I will visit that page and lose track of time while doing some exessive research.

2. is kind of a German-speaking version of They do small reviews and are open for comments from users, they have a forum where fans and ‘experts’ can share thoughts and from time to time they will publish an interview or something like that. Mostly it’s a database for productions being staged primarily in Germany, Austria and the German speaking part of Switzerland.

3. For everyone who already forgot: That’s were I got the inspiration to do Music Monday from. On top of that they have a ton of interesting features on there!

4. While is my go-to-source for news I love primarily for their fantastic vlog-series shot by Broadway actors being in the lastest shows sharing their (performance) routine and the even better ‘show’ by Paul Wontorek called “Show People” in which he sits down for 20 to 30 minutes to chat with Broadway stars. Basically it’s a talk show. With theatre actors. What more can we possibly want?

5. is on that list for obvious reasons. I means – whereelse can you get an almost scary ammount of concert videos or recordings of promotional gigs or show cases. If you want something more illegal you obviously can get that, too. There is the one or the other full show to see on youtube. Anyway, I’ve found some amazing singers over the years. Natalie Weiss for example and Mallory Bechtel and in the end I even discovered my love for Scott Alan’s music over there years ago!

6. another German news-website for musical theatre. They concentrate more on the news aspect. Nice.

7. is a page where new musical composers/writers offer their sheet music, but also have a blog where they post funny to interesting posts. I know the music of everyone posting there and it’s worth a (maybe even longer) visit!

8. for almost as obvious reasons as youtube. Basically everyone, especially in America, is on twitter (in Germany not sooooo much right now, I hope it changes one day, I love twitter and it’s concept of limitation in times of What’sApp and unlimited text service) and you can follow a ton of people for news and updates.

9. is more a page where professional critics publish their reviews of straight plays or performance productions in Germany and Austria (partly). They also sum up other reviews. Great page for the serious academic side of me.

10. is a mixture of and some kind of open review-blogging platform. Basically everyone can write reviews and comment. To be honest I’m not that frequent visiting that page, because mostly the reviewed productions are just not my taste. But still I like the concept and many people seem to enjoy it very much.

Did I forget something? Leave me your favourite as a comment, tweet me at @Spiralblog or write me on my Facebook page!



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