My Week #11 Oct 14th – 20th.

what I saw
finally the last episode of Downton Abbey‘s third season. And I started the 4th and I’m finally “back on track”.
the German premiere of Next to Normal. Twice. It was not AMAZING but quite close to that!

what I read    
magazines. sheet music. news.

what I listened to
I assembled a favourites of Oct 2013 playlist including loads of my current (Broadway-)highlights which I listened to on our car ride to Fürth. On the way back we listened to many different songs performend by Pia Douwes who is the German Diana from Next to Normal and to the great OBC of the same musical.

what I bought 
avocados, greens. And a new hat. Something I can wear without destrying my hair-dos. And a new coat in Nuremberg, I needed that.

what I did  
still de-jetlaggin’. Had my first day with my new class mates of dance studies. Worked.

where I travelled
Fürth, Bavaria. To see Next to Normal.


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