Broadway Up Close

IMG_2545After I published my Broadway thoughts/reviews/whatever you wanna call it here, I thought I’d share a Broadway-related activity with you I really enjoyed.

Somewhere in spring I read on (best website yet, where I get all my B’way-knowlegde) about Broadway Up Close Walking Tours and since I enjoy Broadway and walking tours I booked a tour for my mother and myself. (small disclaimer here: Broadway Up Close is in no way sponsoring me, all thoughts are my own)

On Oct. 1st, 1pm we met Tim, owner of BUC and our guide, in front of the Nederlander Theatre (currently home to Newsies, the show we saw the night before) along with our two fellow tour-goers, a married couple from San Diego (I believe). From there we started our almost two hours long tour into Broadway history. I consider myself to be some kind of Broadway-“expert” (as far as being an expert can go living on another continent….), I’m a frequent visitor to and and I spend hours and hours on gaining more knowledge of Broadway-repertoire because someday it will come in handy when I might be a dramaturg for musical theatre. But almost everything of what Tim told us was completely new to me. Mostly historical stuff (which I love.) and the magical things about Broadway’s early history. I’m very into digging up old pieces of information or discovering new things about old stuff like Tim did at Belasco Theatre (also known as Broaway’s most haunted theatre).

All the time during the tour you can definitely see Tim loving what he does and loving Broadway (‘s history). He knew that my mother’s English wasn’t that good and he talked rather fast and at one point he walked up to me and asked “How’s mom doing?” which I found very caring (she was doing just fine, she loved his way to talk and act something out from time to time….). For everyone who wants to take the tour I don’t want to spoil anything so I will not go into detail here, I’ll just end saying for Broadway lovers it’s definitely worth the money and the time.
I loved it!



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