My Week #10 Oct. 7th – 13th

what I saw 
sadly I didn’t make it to see any theatrical performance at all. So all I was left with was the latest episodes of the TV shows I watch.

what I read    
MIchael Riedel’s theatre column. random news on the internet.

what I listened to
basically all I listened to was the recording of First Date I brought home from NYC as well as “Wheels of a Dream” from the original Broadway recording of Ragtime. And “Fight the dragons” from Big Fish which I found some videos of…

what I bought 
an avocado! Yay!

what I did  
I de-jetlagged. I worked two nights, worked at my university job and I met my new classmates for the first time. We’ll see how they are next week.

where I travelled
Rostock, Baltic Sea. For work, we drove up there and returned the same night after the performance.

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