NYC Aventures Overview

This morning at 7:15 German time we arrived in Berlin after a weird flight with the people in front of me almost crashing my kneecaps (because “long legs, little space” is a not that good combination) and currently my brain doesn’t really feel like thinking but more like listening to music. All day. Nonetheless I really wanted to give an overview of what to expect in the next couple of days or week(s) or whatever.

I spend 10 gorgeous days in NYC, kinda the city of my dreams and did a lot of stuff. One thing was already shared in the post before the last one.

I really want to write something at least about every show I saw (Once, Big Fish, First Date, Newsies, Pippin, Fetch Clay Make Man and Matilda) and some of the other stuff we did.

And: What would you day if I wrote more stuff about (musical) theatre, whatever I watch? A theatre blog? Who’d read that?


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