My Week #8 Sept 24th – 29th.

what I saw 
Flora’s Dance. A 45 minute long (short) play with puppets performed by three Israeli puppet-players/actresses. Very nice. I totally remembered that somehow puppets are ‘allowed’ to do stuff that you would think as rather cheesy when performed by ‘real’ performers.
Nice fighting you. The concert at New Yorks 54below I wrote a about. Still: One of the best nights of my life.
Once. O to the M to the G. There will be another blogpost about that. I can only say: I cried all through second act.
Big Fish. Again. Blog post. Again. Cried.
First Date. Another nice Broadwayexperience. Another Blogpost, sooner rather than later. And: a totally original story (hasn’t been a book or a movie or a picture, an exhibition or whatsoever before)

what I read    
mostly playbills. although I did some magazine as well as novel-reading (Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom) on the plane.

what I listened to
Sadly not much. From time to time I listened to songs from the shows we saw at night before bed.

what I bought 
I did some major damage at Barnes & Noble where they actually do have musical recordings. Oh Lord, I bought some. A few. Well….that ‘few’ was actually a lie.

what I did  
Does anyone want to have a “What I did in NYC”-Post? I could do that. A “what a nerd does in that city”-kinda thing. Tell me. 🙂

where I travelled
Well, where am I now? Right: New York City. To be precise: Times Square, Manhattan.


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