My week #7 Sept 16 – 23

what I saw 
Dirty Hands (Sartre) directed by Jette Steckel at DT Berlin. I liked it. Kind of. I mostly liked the thought of another actress playing Olga than the one who as actually playing the part.
Murmel, Murmel remember last week when I saw these two Herbert Fritsch productions at Volksbühne? Well, that was the third and it was the best. Mostl because I had the feeling that Fritsch couldn’t just be lazy only finding kind of easy pictures for the texts. Because: When people say “Murmel” for 90 minutes that’s not much of a text, right? 😉
A midsummernight’s dream (Benjamin Britten) at Komische Oper directed by Viestur Kairish. Nope I didn’t like that one. Let’s not get started here….

what I read    
my friend’s BA thesis. And mine. And the others’ comments on mine. And again: mine.

what I listened to  
Drew Gasparini: I could use a drink. Great songs, great singers. Go, listen to them on iTunes!

what I bought 
some vacation preparational stuff.

what I did  
first things first: I finished off my BA thesis! Yay! My friend is gonna bring it to the examination office tomorrow. That’s some good new, right?
Other than that: Nothing much. I worked on the new webpage to represent the project I’m working for. I went out for dinner with my two “criminal dinner”-bosses. I had an amazing night with my best friend at a great bar with great wine.

where I travelled
the nightly Berlin. Again. This time: Less drunk, more bike-fun. I really love riding my bike across the city for 45 minutes at night. It’s amazing. It would have been even more amazing if it was still summer, but…..(sadly I didn’t to that at all this summer, but the next summer will arrive sooner or later…)


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