My week #6 Sept 9 – 15

what I saw 
Frau Luna directed by Herbert Fritsch at Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz.
Die (s)panische Fliege, same people, same location. (Since I’ve never seen one of his price winning productions and now Volksbühne shows all three of them in two weeks I needed to see them. Not really the stuff I like, but….well. You need to do things)

what I read    
Some BA thesis re-reads. Again.

what I listened to  
basically the same as the week before.

what I bought 

what I did  
My bike broke and was repaired and now it’s good as new. Wrote huge amounts on my thesis. Almost finished, needs some fine-tuning though. The criminal dinner entertainment I work for opened the new season with the new play on Saturday. It was superb and gorgeous and we had some nice party afterwards. 😉

where I travelled
the nightly Berlin. By train. (because: Remember my bike??)


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