My week #5 Sept. 1 – 8

what I saw 
Uncle Vanya at Deutsches Theater Berlin, directed by Jürgen Gosch
Das Mittelmass by a lovely friend of mine.

what I read    
not much stuff. reread some Judith Butler and Roberto Esposito.

what I listened to  
not much consistence in here. Yesterday I listened to the entire sundtrack of “La Grande Bellezza” while doing some writing.

what I bought 
(organic) food. and – after I’ve wanted it for quite some time: a tribest personal blender. And tickets to Ahrens and Flaherty-Concert at 54below on Sept. 26th.

what I did  
I caught a cold. I dropped off a broken pair of shoes and a necklace to be repaired (at different places, of course). And I wrote quite a bit on my thesis.

where I travelled
across the city to pick of a bunch of theatre tickets for my friends and myself.


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