My week #4 (May 30th – June 9th)

what I saw 
All White People Look the Same to Me by Ariel Ashbel at HAU
Le vin herbé at Staatsoper Berlin directed by Katie Mitchell
Die Drei von der Stammzelle at BKA Theater, directed by Gustav Rueb

what I read    
political philosophy things for my BA thesis. Esposito, Butler, Agamben….

what I listened to  
revival recording of Pippin basically. A little bit of Kinky Boots. lots of Broadway-lovin’ going on right now….

what I bought 
(organic) food…and….yarn to knit a blanket.

what I did  
exercising, working, watched the 6th season of Sex and the City, had my lovely friend over for dinner, sung two Jason Robert Brown songs in a concert and caught my first mosquito bites.

where I travelled
my boss’s home again. Sitting the cats again. and from there: home. from time to time.




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