My week #3 aka My month (April 15th – May 29th)

Well, that was some not-blogging going on here! I hope you didn’t mind too much, cause now I’m back. And to easy back into blogging I’ll share my month in facts with you.

what I saw  
Barrie Kosky’s production of György Ligeti’s ‚Le Grand Macabre’ at Komische Oper Berlin
Ganesh versus The third Reich’ by Back to Back Theatre at HAU
again Konwitschny’s production of ‚Don Giovanni’ at Komische Oper
‚Clavigo’ at Theater Kiel
Tales from the Vienna Woods’ under the direction of Michael Thalheimer at Deutsches Theater Berlin
Tobias Rausch’s ‚Fluchtpunkt Berlin’ (‚vanishing point’/’refuge’) at Deutsches Theater as well
I love I’ by Modjgan Hashemian at Ballhaus Naunynstraße.

what I read
not too much, sadly. But mostly theatre stuff.

what I listened to
I just got the latest Album by Kerrigan-Lowdermilk and I’m obsessed with some of the songs. I also went through some phases of ‚Bonnie and Clyde’ (Frank Wildhorn), ‚Dido and Aenas’ (Henry Purcell) and ‚Next to normal’ (Brian Yorkey/Tom Kitt) loving.

what I bought 
I guess to much. But the money was well invested in some stuff for my new room.

what I did
as usual: sports, work. Unusual: taxes (today!), moving from one room in the apartment to another (bigger!), I hang out with an director I used to work with until half past two at night, I visited the Carnival of Cutltures to meet up with a group of people, I finished my paper for university, I handed in my graduate programme-application.

where I travelled
Kiel (for work) and again: my boss’s apartment to sit the cats.


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