What are you going to do with THAT?

*Disclaimer: Irony included*


People ask: So, what do you study?
You answer: I’m a theatre studies major.
People raise an eyebrow. Some people think: There is such a thing?

But your answer continues: And I’m also studying German literature (at this point people usually don’t care anymore) and Hebrew (they raise the second eyebrow).

People ask (after you explained that NO, you WON’T be an actress): Well, nice – but what are you going to do with that one day?

Now you have two options:
a) Say the truth:
I want to be a dramaturg, I’m not sure I’ll get a job, but I really like what I’m doing. And I just don’t care about anything else.

b) Lie:
Well, there are some very nice and secure options. As everyone knows theatre studies graduates are very very rare and everyone wants to employ them. They’re like the biggest deal. Haven’t heard of that? Oh – I’m so sorry!

but most of the people will think:
She’s gonna be unemployed. And we will pay for her food. Because the state will be. F*ck the theatre studies majors!

what they will say is:
Nice! Interesting, it must be so fun to go tot he theatre all the time.

what they mean by saying that:
I can go to, see theatre performances. Everyone can. Why does she have to study that?

As if that theatre studies part wasn’t enough – when I mention Hebrew people go all crazy about that.

They say: What? Why Hebrew? Are people speaking that anymore?

To the last question the answer (of course) is:

Yes, I heard people doing so, I have friends speaking Hebrew as their first language!

The other one: That’s to totally different story. I’ll tell you another time.

So – stay tuned. For my: Why Hebrew?-Confession. 🙂


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