The Beginning

After I’d my German Running-Blog launched, I thought it should be nice to have another more general blog for thoughts on random things filled up with a workaholic undergrad student of a sience nobody cares about. J

Right for my first post I want to do something I forgot to do on my other blog. A few weeks ago the lovely Denise nominated me fot the Best-Blog-Award – a kind of digital snowball for (German speaking) bloggers having not that many followers (read: very few).

The concept includes a kind of interview about the person hosting the blog. So – off we go!

1. What do you like better about cooking: Desserts or proper meals?
I like to cook, but I tend to cook a little too special which makes me cook not that often. (in addition to that I really like meals that don’t require cooking such as salads) But I guess my Hummus ist quite great , so: proper meals.

2. What’s more important to you when it comes to people: personality or outer appearance?
I judge people after what they say – I hate people saying stupid things. So the answer would be: neither nor.

3. When did you start your blog?
This one: right now. The running blog was launched in December 2012 when I started training for the half marathon I was to run on April 7th, which I due to illnesses won’t make.

4. Who inspired you to start something new out there?
I’ve got so many great co-workers and co-students and teachers making my think about my as small and reminding me about what opportunities there are for me and what I could achieve. And then there are especially some co-workers trusting me and giving me work to do I’m not sure I can deal with and so push me to things I never would have imagined. (And there is my mother who supports me in (almost) everything I do)

5. Do you follow a lot of blogs?
Some, manly English ones. Streetstyle, Notebooks (sounds weird, but I love stationary), and for example the czech foodblog by my roommate back in Israel and some friends of hers, in which I don’t understand a word but it kind of looks funny.

6. What do you prefer: cooking or being cooked for?
Both. I like people cooking for me, but I also like cooking for people. And I like cooking with people (given a kitchen being big enough).

7. What book are you currently reading? Welches Buch liest du momentan?
Two days ago I finished „The history of love“ by Nicole Krauss, which was a gift for my birthday from a lovely friend. Since I’m currently working on papers for university I read things about the voice and vocal travesty and constitution of subjects and gender-stuff. But I also want to return to my reading of Amos Oz’ „A tale of love and darkness“ or „Eichmann in Jerusalem“ by Hannah Arendt soon.

8. Which piece of clothing survived to longest in your wardrobe?
There are some things surviving (living!) in my wardrobe in opposite to what survives in my active wardrobe. I recently changed my style a little which is why some things don’t get worn that often anymore. But the thing I keep wearing and have worn for quite a while is a forest green H&M shirt with long arms and five buttons at the neckline.

9. What’s your favourite recipe?Was ist dein Lieblingsrezept?
My alltime favourite tomate soup. It’s not a regular tomate soup. It’s special. I promise.

 10. Which attributes are important to you when it comes to friends?Welche Eigenschaften einer Person sind dir in einer Freundschaft wichtig?
I can’t really tell. It’s kind of a mix making me like people. But I really need them to leave me alone when I need tob e left alone.

11. What’s your favourite movie? Was ist dein Lieblingsfilm?
I don’t really whatch movies that often. And if I do I mostly watch German movies like „Hannah Arendt“ by Margarethe von Trotta or „Jerichow“ by Christian Petzold (which I like but don’t love….). Ask my form y favourite TV series and you’ll get answers. Go ahead, ask! J

Now I should be nominating 20 more bloggers, but – and that’s the problem – I don’t really know that many beginner-bloggers (yet). So I have to spoil the game. Sorry.

But instead I hope we’ll have some fun over here.
See you soon,



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