Music Monday … Take Me Home to Ireland

After a while I have a new #MusicMonday for you today. All my exams for this semester are done and I can go back to all the stuff I work on besides my studies – plus this semester this also means: Back to listening to things other than works by Isabel Mundry, Elena Kats-Chernin and Philip Glass which I was doing of my most recent exam.

Anyway – in a lucky coincedence the video I’m going to share with you popped up in my youtube-subscription-box when my ears were opening up again to new things. And as the fangirl of Kerrigan and Lowdermilk I am – I hit play.

Andy Mientus and Margo Seibert (who I LOVED in Rocky!) might help a little bit but I think I’m in love with the folky-kind of pathos in this song. And I’m not even embarrassed. ;)

A little bit of cheesy pathos is GREAT sometimes.


10 Things I’m looking forward in 2016

As we already are three weeks into 2016 I’m pretty late to the party when it comes to all of that “I’m looking forward to XYZ in 2016”-business. But then…. WHO CARES?! I certainly don’t – as long as I have something to look forward to.

Anyway…look at these 10 things I look forward to in 2016!

1. I’m in Munich these days and I will continue to be here until the end of February because I’m interning at Gärtnerplatztheater. The production is quite fun and come February there are a couple of interesting things happening I’ve never done before as a dramaturg (one in particular….)

2. Right after I return to Berlin in the end of February I’ll be starting to write my Master thesis. While I guess that might be a scary thought for many people I actually look forward to writing. I cannot wait to hang around libraries with my writing buddies (you know who you are and you know I’m looking at YOU right now!).

3. Seeing so many of my friends graduate. With me there are is a number of my friend graduating from different kinds of study programmes. And as dreaful as this thought might be and I simply don’t know what will be next for me as excited am I to see what we all will be.

4. Just today I put a date into my diary for April, a lovely woman I met in Vienna when I was there this past September and I are gonna meet up in Hamburg to see the German production of Disney’s Aladdin. Because why not splurge when you might be facing unemployment from fall on, right?

5. Creating – in 2016 I want to stress creativity in my life, again. I used to make a lot of things happening when I was younger: I’d write like a maniac, make up stories, you name it. This year I’m hopefully FINALLY going to teach myself how to sew and I’m going to knit 52 pairs of socks in 2016 (I’m on pair 6 right now…) and I hopefully will be able to translate a little more.

6. Putting some work into solving some personal problems. This is something I can’t write a lot about since it’s rather personal, but let me just say: I finally worked up some courage to face some of my problems. This year. First step is to be taken 1.5 months from now.

7. Maybe travelling over to NYC this summer. You never can be sure what will happen but I hope I can make it. I’m thinking about the second half of July.

8. Having an essay of mine properly published. In a book. Hopefully. I mean it’s handed in and talked about and now we wait…let’s wait together.

9. Turning 25. I’ve been wanting to properly be a “mid twenties”-girl for some time now. It’s happening, folks, it’s happening.

10. People tend to know that I’m not really good when it comes to changes. But this year – in case it will come to changes (read: in case I’ll get a job straight after graduating) I’m totally up for them. Yep. Quote me on that.


Music Monday … Odyssey

Oh LORD! When I posted last week’s #MusicMonday I was all like “YAY! Let’s get back into that blogging-thing. Like ALL THE WAY” – and you know what? Didn’t work out this way….I’ll tell you a little bit more about that sooner or later.

Anyway….better late than never I have a new one this week (and hopefully at leat another post before the next Monday) and it includes a song by Ryan Scott Oliver – let’s just pretend I’ve never EVER featured a song of his before….The funny thing about that song is that I’ve never really gotten into it and grew to like it before last night when a dear friend of mine asked me if I knew anything more about that song (and a potential musical it apparently was written for) and then one thing led to another and I was almost cancelling my plans for the night (knitting with a lovely group of ladies from Australia and the US) because I literally was so blown away by that song and the way it feels when I listen to it. Talking to my friend I was like “You know, it makes me feel so warm inside like a vodka-shot or something” and he went “Well, you seem to be an expert” and then at least I laughed really hard. Because everyone knows Lisanne and drinking stamina do not go together. At all.

Back to topic, though (it’s called #MusicMonday afterall and not #LisannetellsstupidstoriesaboutliquorMonday) – I’m talking about RSO’s rather old song “Odyssey” and as my friend put it: It captures the vibe of the odyssey in quite an amazing way.

So, sit back and listen on you Monday night. I hope your week was off to a great start.

What are you listening to?



#MusicMonday … Happy New Year

Guess what?! – It’s 2016!

And guess what? – I’m back! Hopefully. With a new #MusicMonday at least…

And what song/part of a show could be more fitting to our situation right now than “Happy New Year” from Rent? Right. Not. Very. Many. Songs.

Plus here’s a funny story: Last week I was meeting someone and we were talking, getting to know each other (that small talk thing, you know) and suddenly I was confronted with a question I haven’t heard in AGES.

“What’s your favourite musical, then?”, he asked.

And I was all like “uaaaahh” and “That’s a question to ask!” and trying to avoid an answer because – honestly – how could you?! Finally I went for the two shows I’ve probably spent the most time listening to, thinking and talking about over a long period of time. One of them being: RENT.

Rent basically was the musical that helped me through puberty the most, I knew all the words of “La Vie Bohème” and you could still wake me up in the middle of the night and I’d be ready to recite the song / No, that’s NOT a challenge.

But still, if I remember correctly the mention of Rent got me rolling eyes for an answer and I really didn’t want to have a very deep discussion why Rent is so important (you better don’t get me started on that). My second mention was a little bit more approved I think. ;)

Anyway….and now: HAPPY NEW YEAR from the last performance of the original Broadway-production.

(What have you been listening to over the past couple of weeks?)


Music Monday … My Lass, She Tied Her Lace to Me

Sometimes you just need a more concentrated tune to start your week with, right?

Then I’ve got the P E R F E C T #MusicMonday for you.

Some of you, especially those who follow my twitter and/or know me personally enough to go through ALL the videos and tunes and translation-talk with me, know that I’ve been on a HUGE Ryan Scott Oliver-kick lately. Yes, I know….again.

And because I can’t share all the amazing stuff from Jasper in Deadland with you (because if you aren’t like a very close friend, let me tell you, my Jasper-talk will get on your nerves!) – I share with you a beautiful song beautifully filmed and produced and – to be honest – what’s better than that on a Monday morning in the beginning of November?

RIGHT!  – Not much!

So, lean back, have a coffee and listen with all the listening capacity your ears possibly have to offer.

What are you listenting to these days?

Have a great week!


These are a few of my favourite Things … October 2015

October came and went and now we’re in the second to last month of 2015! I can’t quite believe it. Anyway…for me this past month was an exciting one – my 3rd semester in Leipzig started which is also my second to last and by now I’m almost half-way through it. Time’s flying by, folks!

Favourite Night out with the Shows

I kinda knew that already and that’s why I’ve waited with my favourites-post until today. Among the five nights I’ve spend out at different theatres seeing different shows I have to say last night was my favourite. I went to see the last performance of “Die letzte Kommune” by Thomas Zaufke and Peter Lund at Grips Theater. That wasn’t only a huge throwback to the times when I used to work there on and off from 2009 until fall of 2011 and seeing many familiar faces had me in quite a bit of nostalgia. That performance showed me how a show can get people to (emotionally) participate, how a production welcomes people to spend time with the characters on stage and how the audience enjoys the time they have together and articulate their responses to what the see. That’s what probably had me fall in love with the Grips idea in the first place. A little more than 6 years ago.

Favourite Night in with the Show-tunes

Does it get boring? Hamilton…again, again and again. Damn this amazing music.

Favourite Thing on Twitter / The Internet

I’ve been following the @BroadwayGirlNYC twitter for a while now and she has always impressed me (plus: in case I ever decide Theaterkind doesn’t fit me anymore I’ll to a secret-identity-thing just like she did!), but to me she totally nailed it when she went to see the bi-lingual (English / ASL) revival of Spring Awakening on Broadway in the beginning of the month.

She posted this on twitter and I was so touched by it:

Favourite Youtube-Video

I started teaching a very small kind of class at my current study programme in Leipzig about  Anyways, I kicked it off with showing them a couple of videos on Youtube and doing that I re-discovered a video I used to obsess about for weeks after I first saw Once on Broadway which (FUNFACT!) was my first show on Broadway ever.

I’m talking about the Tony-performance of Once, when they performed “Gold” in  2012:

Favourite Moment

I got to work at Bundeswettbewerb Gesang again, only three days for the first round of the competition in Berlin, but more is to come in the end of November/first week of December. I always enjoy working there and I literally can’t wait for the final rounds.

Plus, another favourite of the month was my good friend who has been living in the South of Germany for the past two years, came up for a visit! Yay!

Special Favourite: Favourite Activity That Isn’t Remotely Related to Theatre

I have to admit: Still knitting. I’ve knitted 7 pairs of socks in the month of October. I got so much knitting done that I got myself a shoulder / back problem. Yay. And I’m really digging my BodyCombat class right now once again. I love it.

Look at my current sock-count:

What did you do?

Have you had any great theatre-related moments?

Or any favourite moments at all?


Music Monday … Burn

Boy, I’m into female ballads once more these days! Although I had been on an intensive “It all fades away”-kick late Saturday night (I’m talking going on the Berlin S-Bahn around 1am and blasting it through my kinda broken iPhone headphones into my sleepy head), all other nights than this one have been Lisanne listening to ALL the female songs.

Since I wanted to share a tune from Hamilton this #MusicMonday had to be something of the Schuyler Sisters and while I’m deeply in love with “Helpless” and “Satisfied” I think “Burn” is the perfect choice! Not only it matches my feelings these days pretty well, but it’s feeling a little bit autumnal, too, if you ask me (don’t ask me why, though, that I cannot express) and I don’t know about you, in Berlin fall REALLY has kicked in this past weekend. I’m constantly freezing.

Yesterday I woke up with a tune stuck in my head and when my mother asked me “Lisanne, what are we gonna listen to for breakfast” I answered: I have this tune stuck in my head when Eliza goes like “Do you know what Angelica said when read what you’d done? She said: You’ve married and Ikarus – he’s flown too close to the sun!”. And my Mom was like: “Well…this is great but it’s no answer to my question.”

I guess this is a pretty good hint towards “Burn” and #MusicMonday, right?

Here we go! In case you have never listened to it, dig is ALL in. In case you’ve listened to it many, many times listen to it once (or twice or three times…) more, because….well….it’s “Burn”, right?


Music Monday … Aber bitte mit Sahne

Well THIS might come as a surprise to those who either know me pretty well or whitnessed me watching “Ich war noch niemals in New York” a German musical featuring the songs of Udo Jürgens (like the Mamma Mia of German Schlager-king Udo Jürgens) during its Berlin-run, but during our roadtrip I grew to like at least the recording of that show. Overall it’s a fun and easy listen and exactly what you need on a roadtrip driving on what is your continental European wrong side of the road….

Anyway – this past week I was rather emotional (you could say hormonal) and I was like “Get me ALL the cheesy videos on Youtube – asap!” so I watched a lot of Ich war noch niemals in New York bootleg clips. Even though “Aber bitte mit Sahne” isn’t the most cheesy one from the show I chose this to be this week’s #MusicMonday because I really like the arrangement of it. After all the original one is a good ol’ German Schlager from 1976 and if you get that to sound kind of contemporary then you got something right, I’d say.

Plus: Sarah Schütz’s (the lead’s) voice!

What are you listenting to today?


These are a few of my favourite Things … September 2015

After a long time first with weekly recaps and then a long time with no recaps at all I introduced a new series of favourite-posts  – the monthly ones. (yay!) Because when all these beauty-fashion-lifestyle bloggers can do these favourite-things, then why can’t a theatre-girl, right?

Let’s have a look back on my favourite in a month in which I spend three out of four weekends out of Berlin.

Favourite Night out with the Shows
Well…there was my school trip to Ruhrtriennale where we “saw” a production/ a musical staging (some would call it “concert”…) of Luigi Nono’s Prometheo. That was a very special experience. Looking back at it I can’t even quite put my finger on it why I have this special feeling about it and I guess this is kind of the magic of this work.

And I can name my least favourite night out! It was when I went to revisit the production of Ball im Savoy at Komische Oper. I didn’t like it the first time I went two years ago and this time it was no different. Plus: Some idiot(s) stole my bike. In Berlin-Mitte. Right in front of the Komische Oper. Yes. Right. That sucked.

Favourite Night in with the Show-tunes
Who isn’t buzzing about Hamilton these days, seriously? I reached that level of obsessed where I stayed home all day, knitting and listening to that recording when it was still streaming-only. And ever since it was avaliable digitally I listened to it whereever I went. With some small-ish breaks. But yes. And when I didn’t listen to it I had some of these tunes stuck in my head like crazy.

Favourite Thing on Twitter / The Internet
While I’m pretty sure I’ve spend a ton of time on the internet I can’t really say I have an absolute favourite on either twitter or the internet. But I’ll probably go with Laura Benanti’s article about miscarriages because I always love when people make use of their status to put our minds on a specific (important) – and yes, female, feminist – topic and I especially love when people who are known for being funny and who are loved for that quality open up about something that isn’t quite like that.

Chapeau, Laura!

Favourite Youtube-Video
An oldie, but goldie. I can’t every get enough of Dachshunds anyway. But a dachshund plus a stuffed-mechanical penguin? Yes, please! Anytime!

Favourite Moment
So many things made me happy especially in the end of the month. A friend of mine finally came out as gay to his parents and I’m so proud. I got asked to do something I’m thrilled about and very happy to do (it’s work related)! My friendship with another friend of mine grows and grows and right now I can’t imagine being without his friendship. I spend two hours on skype with a close friend and that made me happy for DAYS. And I went over to Frankfurt over the past weekend to see my lovely friend whom I met three years ago when we were attending the same class in our Haifa summer-school.

Plus: I met absolutely lovely people in the beginning of the month when I attended a workshop by kritTFM in Vienna and I had a splendid time.

Special Favourite: Favourite Activity That Isn’t Remotely Related to Theatre
KNITTING! I’ve knitted ALL the socks this month and I watched knitting podcasts on youtube which appears to be a thing in the knitting community. Actually I’ve returned to knitting during our trip to the UK and I think I caught the knitting-bug harder than ever. I’ve finished 6 (SIX!) pairs of socks in the month of September – which means 12 socks! 12!!!!

Look at a couple of them piled up…

What did you do?

Have you had any great theatre-related moments?

Or any favourite moments at all?


Music Monday … Song of Purple Summer

I can’t say I’m not excited about the revival of Spring Awakening that just opened on Broadway yesterday, especially since it’s a bi-lingual production in English and ASL and the way ASL is sung (or appears to be…since I won’t have the chance to catch it live…) has a very dance-y, choreographic level to it. It’s amazing and interesting and SO catches me as a theatre scholar primarily focussing on body and the ways bodies can be presented on stage and of course because of my history with the dance studies and my short intermezzo in this Master programme.

In short: I LOVE the ASL translation of Spring Awakening and for the first propper week of fall I wanted to post a Music Monday with “Summer” in the title….just because I’m a weirdo like that. Hence….meet the English/ ASL-version of “The Song of Purple Summer” (which is an amazing song, even in one language…)

Happy start to your new week!